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This does not mean that all Christians are individualistic, nor does it mean that individualistic people think they are Christian.

(In fact, often the opposite is true for both propositions.) But it does mean that major tenets of Christianity, if followed to their logical conclusion, lend themselves to individualism.

And please, no stupid questions like, "If Confucianism tells people to respect elders, why do I see so many Koreans not giving up seats to elders in a subway? Here is a non-exhaustive list of how Confucianism operates in Korea today, after the jump. Recall that the highest ideal of Confucianism is to achieve 仁 (in), which could be translated as "virtue." And also remember this -- in is always, always, always about relationship among people.

In fact, the value of an individual's life is secondary to the achievement of in.

At that point, the movie had a potential to become an Ayn Rand-type story in which an individual triumphs through self-reliance.

But no -- Noland draws a face on a volleyball, names it Wilson, and talks with it constantly throughout the movie.

A similar example is America's libertarianism and Christianity.In other words, facing utter isolation, Noland sought to create a human-like relationship somehow, even if the counterpart to the relationship is an inanimate object.Fittingly, the movie's most poignant moment is when Noland loses Wilson in the process of escaping from the island.And the reason for giving more context is because people who are unfamiliar with Korea overuse Confucianism to explain everything about Korean culture.Sometimes it works, sometimes it is misleading, and sometimes it is laughably ignorant.

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In addition, much of Korean mode of thought is based on Hobbesian individualism, which is an outgrowth of Korea's recent historical experience of war and extreme deprivation.

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