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Pandi agrees to help her in her mission, with the promise that "he will hold Killi's shoulders while she stabs him".Pandi and his gang along with Kadhambari hatch a plan to kill Killi while he is travelling.

In a unique manner, the songs were released separately as singles in late September and early October 2015; an audio launch function was not held. The Times of India gave it 4 stars and wrote, "Anirudh is totally upping his game through this album, which sounds fresh, unlike his last few albums.

Kadhambari is the daughter of a sincere police officer Ravikumar (Azhagam Perumal), who is in pursuit of Killivallavan aka Killi (Parthiban), a dreaded gangster and politician who had killed Ravikumar's wife and had caused Kadhambari to lose her hearing in her childhood.

Kadhambari seeks Pandi's help in finding her father, who has not spoken to her for the past two days, to which he agrees.

Kadhambari decides to go ahead on her mission on her own as she does not want Pandi and his friends to split up over her.

She reaches Killi's hideout, but on attempting to kill him, he slaps her, knocking her out.

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