Lejana como el viento online dating

Durante su gobierno se promulgaron muchas leyes nuevas.

adjust arreglar, ajustar Adjust the clock so it'll run faster. ▲ adaptar, acostumbrar / can't adjust myself to the climate here. ▲ arreglar, atender The manager adjusts all complaints. ▲ ministerio, gobierno During his administration a great many new laws were passed. admission admisión, entrada How much is the admission?

° of age mayor de edad He'll come of age next year.

agreeable agradable She has an agreeable disposition.

° agreeable to de acuerdo con Is everyone agreeable to the plan?

▲ contrario Such actions are alien to his character.

Adquirieron costumbres extranjeras mientras estuvieron en ese país.

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Los obreros se quejaron por la aplicación de la ley.

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