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The title is pretty accurate -- there's a lot of crazy-ish stuff that goes down in this 4-track story. Shirt remains the same color, the option only goes for underwear and stockings, nothing else. Until she has an orgasm and pretty much pisses herself. Again, you keep going until you both orgasm (woman on screen and tentacle) and she subsequently pisses herself again.

I'm still not 100% clear on what exactly happened, but the basic story is that you've been confined in a stranger's room, who claims to be your "papa" and proceeds to infantilize you in fear of losing you (or perhaps using you as a replacement for someone else). In terms of the logistics: you get two R18 tracks, a 23 minute long one that builds up to the 17 minute long track that actually involves penetration. Didn't this game say anything about impregnation? So I went and tried to find the way to impregnate this woman. Blowing my load (as tentacle monster) while the woman is dressed doesn't inflate her stomach (implying that she's pregnant).

I think it's even possible to keep your virginity in this game, but I wouldn't know, I haven't tried.

Misaki is appropriately cute and sexy and some of the antics she gets in aren't my taste there is enough elsewhere that it doesn't seem like I'm being forced to play stuff I don't like.

I tried the demo and immediately knew id like this title, the animation was smooth, fluid, and all of the rendering was done beautifully. Besides that one concern, i am most definitely Looking forward to more from this circle. I've never seen a game use graphics like this, and they are surprisingly erotic. Even though I don't understand Japanese, the sound and tone of the voice acting is very effective. This is a follow-up to my review of the original title.

I generally like this game and a sequel seems to have been made (or at least in the same universe) so I hope to play that as well soon.

Paraphilia is a game where the main character and heroine enter a sexual relationship and light BDSM is the norm.

You're not going to get the more hardcore stuff like whips or candles, but if you like the idea of consensual sexual slavery, this could be the game for you.

The game system is straightforward and there's not a lot of stats to keep track of.

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Some people might dislike Netorare/Cuckold, but this is pretty good.

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