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“My son comes home and is like, ‘I heard that there’s something that happens to us,’” Jennifer says. That’s a lie,’” she protested, crying as she remembers it now.“We trusted that the coaches were watching them, and, you know, taking care of them.”Police later told Jennifer that witnesses say her son was raped with a broomstick. In February of this year, a victim went to La Vernia police with claims of sexual assault by the town’s athletes.A total of 13 students so far—six of them adults—have been arrested and charged with either sexual assault or sexual assault of a child.All of the suspects who have released public statements or spoken through attorneys have denied their involvement in the alleged crimes. One warm evening in May, Jennifer and Michelle* sat on a back porch in La Vernia, 30 miles southeast of San Antonio, recounting the scandal.“There’s a sense of entitlement for some of these families, that they deserve ‘innocent until proven guilty.’“They’re very quick in our community to quote the Bible,” she continued.“Oh yeah, ‘Do not judge unless you’re without sin.’” Both women believe the same community members preaching compassion aren’t extending it to their sons and the other alleged victims.Five minutes later, she was sitting in the police station.“‘I’m not going to sugarcoat it,’” an officer told her, as he allegedly detailed the various items used: deodorant bottles, soda bottles, pipes, and baseball bats. ” she asked, sobbing angrily.“‘I’d rather not tell you,’” he responded.“‘You don’t want to know.’”‘Do Not Judge Unless You’re Without Sin’The 13 suspects facing criminal charges include Colton Weidner, Christian “Brock” Roberts, and John Rutkowski, who are all 18 and members of the school’s basketball team.

But he and his friends were uncharacteristically nervous about leaving the JV team behind to move into the new locker room. “I looked at him, I was like, ‘You’re lying, that’s not true.But even as the moms rooted for the La Vernia Bears at Friday-night games, they were unaware their sons were allegedly being raped by their teammates.Both women shook their heads, as the sun set over the green farm horizon.Jennifer’s sprawling property rests just outside city limits, a two-story butter-yellow home filled with hand-carved wooden crosses.Her kids like to play ball in the front yard as cows graze nearby.

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