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Whether it be mounting to vehicles, wheelchairs or even walls we have a fever and the only prescription is…more mounting! Imagine you are taking a beautiful bicycle ride through the countryside when BOOM!

Now this may raise the question, “Why on earth would you need a gun/bow rack for your bicycle? Out of nowhere, a hungry predator jumps out, ready to gobble you up…

Here are some picture showing the versatility of our basic 9980 rack, enjoy!

The insurers sponsoring the scheme are: AA Insurance, Bennett Insurance, Bikesure, Carole Nash, Chandler Direct, CIA insurance, Devitt, E Bike, MCE Insurance, Motorcycle Direct, Norwich Union Direct and Lexham.

The Enhanced Rider Bonus is supported by the following underwriters: AIG, AXA, Chaucer Insurance, Equity Red Star, Groupama, Hastings Direct, Highway, KGM, Link/ Zenith, NIG, Norwich Union and Royal & Sun Alliance.

Motorcycle insurance can be confusing, and at times, frustrating. Some brokers do offer agreed values for modified or classic bikes. Is there a saving to be had if I limit my annual mileage? There’s little enough time to get out on your bike for pleasure these days, and if you are prepared to limit your mileage you could reduce your premium by 12% according to Bennetts. However firms like MCE offer a laid up, fire and theft cover that will protect your bike whilst in storage, useful if you are taking a voluntary break from bikes too. They obviously think we are better road users if we have a clean record on two wheels…. Do I have a ‘cooling off’ period from the time I agree cover? You have 14-days from the inception of the policy to cancel.

We've taken some of the most popular bike insurance questions and answered them all below. How long does your No Claims Discount remain valid if you stop riding? The industry standard is two years, but some firms like MCE are able to validate it for three years after your last policy expired. Should I tell companies bidding for my business how much I paid last year, or my cheapest quote so far? However you will still incur reasonable and proportional administration charges, which will be between £40-£50.

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Once you’re in your 50’s, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that actually makes you an incredibly desirable, hot commodity on the dating circuit. Your experience and wisdom here make you desirable because you can see what you want and you go for it without fear of making a mistake.

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